When the float drops

SAM_2913I hear “Mom, Mom, Mom” through the open kitchen window. I quickly glance outside to see a two and a half-foot tall boy wearing overhauls and a white short sleeve shirt. He is holding a red fishing pole in his hand. As I follow the pole upward I can see his fishing line goes from the end of his pole to the top of a young tree. He is pulling and snatching the pole back and forth in a jerking motion. His shoulders are slumped and his face sports a very large frown.

When he spots me arriving at the back door he looks at me and says,”This happens every time!” I make my best attempt at rescue through the maze of tree limbs and branches entangled at the end of the fishing line. But, it is no use. Finally the line snaps and a new float is placed where the old one, now hanging in the tree, used to be.

When I asked him what he was doing, he simply replied “Practicing my fishing.” He donned a confused look on his face. Apparently, according to a five-year old, it should be obvious to anyone what he was up to. After all he was holding a fishing pole in his hand. I could see his point as long as I ignored the fact that we do not have a body of water on our farm.

I suggested he go to the balcony where he should be less likely to encounter such a problem if he will “drop the line” instead of trying to cast. But, within a few minutes my name echoes again.

By the end of the day there are small, red sphere shaped fishing floats hanging from pretty much every tree in the yard! A storm was moving in and I wondered if the winds where strong enough to possibly drop those little plastic balls back down to earth for me.

I could see in my mind’s eye it starting to rain fishing floats.They dropped like large pieces of hail. Upon hitting the ground they were taken off by the wind to some unknown destination. Maybe they would gather in a low laying area and could be easily retrieved.  How delighted my grandson would be if that truly happened. I can see him with his small pail retrieving them for future fishing endeavors.

Now we all know that a fishing lure caught in a tree is not easily removed even with strong winds. In most cases we have to climb the tree and retrieve the lures. We might get them back if the limb breaks. But, by that time, the lure is usually old and badly weather-beaten leaving us with only trash to dispose of. A very patient person could spend days watching and waiting, hoping for the float to drop. Most of us would consider that a waste of time.

You probably don’t have to watch out for fishing lures hanging around your house. But, what might you need to be watching for. The Bible says, ” Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Matthew 24:44.

We can count on what God tells us in His Word, the Bible. No one is going to force you to believe it, not even God. But He has sent the warning that we are to be watching and waiting because He will come. In the mean time we should always be mindful of this fact as we live with anticipation of His return.

His return is not like wondering if the fishing float with drop. His return is assured by His authority. Please don’t be caught off guard. Watching for Jesus is never a waste of time.