Motherhood—God’s Divine Call

The day I gave birth to my first child was the day I began to realize all my mother had sacrificed for me. I remember within the first year calling Mom just to say, “Thank you.”

In my twenty seven plus years since I have been so exhausted that I just knew I would never survive. I have driven a car that looked like a mobile garbage can, and lived in a home that felt like it would take a forklift to clean. I have found a ridiculously raunchy diaper under the couch and washed and dried a toad in the front pocket of a pair of bib overalls.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It is a spiritual battle to forge a heavenly future for our children. The task is too monumental to be left to chance and so gravely important it cannot be endeavored without constant prayer and self-sacrifice.

The world tells us that motherhood is really no big deal. In fact, the world says it is a burden to our career, our appearance, and our lifestyle.

We are led to believe that we must expose our children to all sorts of experiences for them to be well rounded individuals. Many say that we cannot disciple our children because it will harm their self-esteem. But, if we do not show them self control and limits to what is acceptable who will. They will grow up believing that there is no real truth or the truth somehow doesn’t apply to them.

Extracurricular activities, unless centered around God, will do little to encourage our children in the way of the cross. It will teach them very little about the way God wants us to live or how to trust Him even when we can’t see Him at work.

It goes against our natural selves to “Be still and know.” I can think of no greater gift to give our children than the gift of Jesus Christ. No matter what happens tomorrow or after we have gone on to glory, God will always lead them in the way that glorifies Him. Our children will never be at a disadvantage if they walk in the way of the Lord.

I beseech you mothers to reach for the higher calling. Be encouraged for God has predestined our victory if we walk in His ways. Following God’s plan in motherhood will always bring about greater results than what the world tells us will work.

God has given us a divine purpose—to raise up the next generation. We will give an account for how we used this time of child rearing. Did we teach them in the fear of the Lord or did we entertain them? Did we do whatever it took to keep them happy or did we teach them to be holy?

It is God who works in us to accomplish His will in the life of our children. Let us help their hearts be fertile soil for God’s growth.