Bear With Me Please



A few days ago my husband posted a video of me milking our first goat, Maybelle. I knew we would get some flack about it because I am a beginner. Being a beginner, I don’t have the procedure perfected yet. I am trying and determined to become proficient but am not quite there.

When he loaded the video to Facebook there were quite a few comments. Most of them encouraging. However, a few weren’t so kind, almost scolding, in fact. The scolding was because I was not milking the goat properly. Many kind folks tried to compensate for the rude tone of the discouragers. But, the damage was already done. Even though an apology came later the words could not be taken back.

I refuse to be offended by someone else’s opinion rather it is correct or not. I have no doubt they were correct about how to milk a goat. But, some folks need a few lessons in diplomacy. Each of us have something we need to learn or skills we should improve. No one is going to do everything perfectly especially when they are just beginning.

Beginners are everywhere. Some individuals are working their first job, recently married, or maybe even have a new baby. Christians can even be beginners just starting their walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Those of us who are more seasoned and have more experience when it comes to our relationship with God should be careful how we handle the beginner or “babes in the faith”. Our words need to be spoken with love and gentleness even when speaking the truth.

Our desire should be to gently lead the beginners in faith by love instead of command or force. Even if our words are true, our attitude can be wrong sometimes causing the truth we wanted to share to be lost in translation.

Ephesians 4:2 reminds us we should bear with one another in love. So next time you encounter someone who irritates you by word or deed, remember to bear with them as God works out His purpose in their lives. And be careful what attitude with which your words are spoken.

It never feels good to be on the receiving end of a scolding comment but we should accept it gracefully and ask God what truth He wants us to learn even if that means looking past how the message was delivered.

I’m sure if Maybelle, our goat, could talk she would have told me I didn’t know what I was doing. But, Maybelle is a sweetheart. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s what all that Baaaahing was about.