Retreat Mode

Retreat Mode

Scanning the headlines today is no different than any other day. If I am not careful I could become anxious and discouraged by what I read. I could begin to panic and want to crawl into a hole or retreat to some deserted island in the Pacific. But, that won’t solve anything now will it.

I am reminded how God warns us in Matthew 24:6 that,”We will hear of wars and rumors of wars.” In other words God is telling us that many times trouble will appear to be on the horizon. We can not ignore this fact.

Each generation will have a pre-ordained set of circumstances for which God has equipped His children. He doesn’t expect us to handle our circumstances by retreating. He expects us to handle them by trusting Him and following the advise He gives in His Holy Word.

We must be mindful that the enemy wants us to be distracted. He wants us to take our focus off of the Almighty One. God’s enemy wants to cause panic and chaos in our hearts and minds. When chaos resides and overwhelms then we will not be able to face the challenges of the time in history in which God has placed us.

We are unable, without God’s help, to face these challenges. But, are we attempting to step up to the challenge or are we, like I said before, “in retreat mode”? In retreat mode there is worry and doubt, instability, and uncertainty. These emotions can cause us to compromise our biblical values or make light of how God really feels about sin.

Nothing takes God by surprise. Let that sink in…….NOTHING takes God by surprise. He has already seen the outcome of every event that has or will ever happen. And since He promises that He has “good” things planned for those who love Him we should be embracing the joy of victory not cowering in defeat. We should not forget God has already won the war.

So, lets hold fast to His promises. Remember He warned us not only to bring us peace but to remind us He alone has future events(wars and rumors of wars) well in hand. We will just have to trust that victory is assured now won’t we?

“But when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be troubled; for such things must happen, but the end is not yet.” Mark 13:7 NKJV