Longing for Jesus

SAM_1544What does longing for Jesus look like? It may be slightly different for each person but the end result should be the same, a closer relationship with God.

It’s a given that we long for Jesus when we hurt and are broken. In many respects though we are simply wanting relief from our suffering or comfort in our time of need.

But, do we long for Jesus in the every day mundane, driving the kids to school, working at a factory, or trying to tackle that ever growing mound of laundry? Do we long for Him then?

The hectic schedule that most families adhere to seems to leave little room for longing period, much less for Jesus Himself. Many times Jesus is lost in the shuffle of all the other fun things there are to do. Every holiday has a family tradition attached to it and we certainly can’t alter those. Every season has an activity that is surely better for our children than a few hours at church each week learning the ways of God.

If we are not very careful, we will schedule God right out of our lives. If we are not intentional about setting aside time to quietly bow before the throne of God and submit to His Authority, we won’t make time to do it.

Longing for Jesus is earnestly wanting Him to take over our thoughts, abilities, and actions. We want His presence all around us permeating even to our very soul. Jesus in every pore, tear, and word spoken is keeping Him at the center of our lives.

Longing is a yearning desire. Longing is to want more of Jesus, not less. Longing means we are never satisfied with our level of understanding of Jesus and His ways. We always want more of Jesus.

Is there evidence in your life that you long for Him? If not, why do you think that is?