Lukewarm: Not a good place to be

SAM_3573I am sitting at my computer screen trying to whip up another blog for the 30 day blog challenge #blogyourbrand and something unusual is happening.

I decided to sit outside because it is such a nice day. I gather everything I will need to proceed. I need a pencil, paper, a computer and my Bible. I place all these things on the table that sits on my front porch.

As I begin to think and plan, lady bugs begin to invade. They are crawling in my hair, on my glasses and even the computer screen. I keep flicking then off and continue with my work. I am determined to finish the blog and will not be derailed.

This situation made me think about my relationship with God. Am I this determined to serve God wholeheartedly? Am I willing to press on toward the goal of Heaven regardless of the cost?

You know, I better be that determined and devoted to God. God requires nothing less than 100% devotion to Him and Him alone. You heard me correctly. God wants our whole heart.

The Bible has a word for a person who is not completely sold out for Jesus. The word is lukewarm. Do you know how God feels about the lukewarm among us? Revelation 3:16 says, “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.” I am not talking about those who don’t know Him. This verse is speaking to those of us who say we know Him and claim to love Him.

I think it is about time we examined ourselves and asked, “Do my actions tell others that I love Jesus more than anything?” If our actions don’t we might me in for a real wake up call when we meet our Maker.

What actions in your life say to God “lukewarm”?