Deadly Lies

SAM_2187C“All my hopes of what might have been are thrust into oblivion as I can feel a sickness rising up from within me. I tried not to love him, this child of mine. But, I do. Before he was born I could feel his movement within me growing and developing. I have given birth to him but he is no longer mine. He will not grow to be a man; he will never know love. He will never feel the evening breeze on his face or taste the sweetness of life. I chose to kill him this naive one. I chose to end his life to appease the gods. I wearily return home and weep. Come morning, I wear a smile on my face through I am dying inside. I stay busy and everyone with their worries barely takes notice. I sought refuge but there is none. I am broken. The weight of the world is on my shoulders and I hold on so tight engulfed by fear that tells me if I let anything go, my entire life will collapse before me. I live in a silent hell hidden from those who would condemn me for choosing this path. My course is set. I have no way out.”

Excerpt from Rediscover the Apron: Satisfying Spiritual Starvation.

I am afraid the world has bought into the lie that life is not sacred. We have bought into this lie because it comes disguised as a woman’s right to choose and responsible health care.

But, God is the only one who can truly give life. An unplanned pregnancy may have been a surprise to the mother but it is never a surprise to God.

I wonder what grieves God more the mother who was deceived into aborting her child because she thought it was just a clump of cells or the millions of us who sit back knowing that it is happening and do nothing about it.