Ain’t No April Fools

Ain't no april fools

Awakened by an unusual white noise, I arouse from my bed. I can not tell from where the sound comes. It appears to come from everywhere. The earth is shaking beneath my feet. I should seek shelter for protection. But, looking outside my broken glass window, I am unable to determine what is happening. I am drawn to a very bright light. I raise my hand to shield my eyes all the while trying to see the disturbing sight.

I am afraid.  I hear the voices of what sounds like a multitude of people. I can not understand what they say. After a short while, the light is extinguished and I find myself in the dark.

I assess the damage, the best I can, with the brightest flashlight I can find. I run upstairs to check on my child and find she is missing.

My heart begins to pound. I am so afraid. I can just barely breathe. I dash to the telephone, but there is no service. I run to the nearest police department because my automobile will not start.

I am overwhelmed by the chaotic situations I see before me. I try to push my way into the precinct. Anxiety sets in as I realize Christ has come and I am left behind.

April Fool’s Day is a day of fun and games. But, sometimes jokes can be cruel. One day Christ will come to claim what is His, His children. He will come, not because He is cruel and wants those left behind to suffer; but, because He keeps His promises. On that Day, if we don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, we will wish it all a joke. But, then it will be too late.

Don’t  be a fool because Jesus isn’t playing games. Christ is coming again to get His children. He does not delay. Are you ready?

“Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.” Matthew 24:42