Blogger or Sluggard: To Be Determined

BYB30DayReadyI have taken the 30-day Blog Your Brand Challenge. I am very excited to be a part of this challenge because I know I am going to read some really great blogs and hopefully receive some wonderful feedback to get me on the road to Blogging My Brand. It will also be great to work with such a awesome group of people. I plan to give it my all regardless of the outcome. Although it is a little early to determine if I will become a blogging champion or remain a blogging sluggard.

I am taking the 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge because my blogging skills, until now, have been a little on the sluggish side. I have been creeping along at a snails pace for far to long. I have allowed my limited technological skills to hold me back and it is time to plunge head first into the blogging pool and hit the water swimming. My shortcomings can only be overcome by practice and perseverance. So, here’s to obtaining the goal of being a better blogger!

Challenges, by their very nature, are meant to be motivational and I could definitely use a whole lot of that to get my fingers typing in the right direction. It is not that I don’t have anything to say. But, when I sit down to blog, it seems that my writing skills take a hike and my thoughts jump out the window. I soon find myself staring at the computer screen with a facial expression as blank as the posting page.

I am looking forward to moving along where blogging is concerned. I expect to become a more polished and dedicated blogger even if I fail to obtain the coveted prize.

“Challenge” you say. I say, “Let’s do this!!!” There is no time like the present. Ready, Set, Go Blog Your Brand! Let’s don’t be sluggish about it.