Knowledge: Use it Wisely


Having knowledge of God and the Bible is not enough. What we do with that knowledge is what counts.

The weather is wet and dreary. The sky drizzled for a day and a half before bringing forth rounds of downpours that caused traveling to be hazardous. I don’t really mind the rain or the lazy days that it seems to bring. We, as well as the earth, need refreshing.

I traveled to pick up my grandchildren from school today. The car rider line was a mess. The children exited the building with backpacks on their heads. The teachers donned large umbrellas and rubber boots trying to keep the dampness out.

Returning home the children love it when we leave the highway and begin traveling the dirt road.(yes dirt roads still exist) The clicking of seat belts can be heard in unison as they roll down the window and poke their heads through the opening. They smile and squint their eyes as they pretend to fly. Behind the car, on dryer days, a billowing cloud of dust can be seen tracking us as we make way to our country home. I am still amazed how they never seem to tire of this playful adventure.

Sometime later my husband arrives home to find the car window still down. Let’s not forget it has been two hours since I came home and it has been raining the whole time. A towel has been placed over the window in an attempt to keep the rain out.

This is curious to my husband and I because if someone knew the window was down why didn’t they simply tell us. Only a child could have thought this would be acceptable. We were not angry but would have been more pleased if the youngster would have just let us know.

Sometimes we, for the sake of convenience or our own personal comfort, don’t tell people the truth found in the Bible. We want to make them feel better without any discomfort or sacrifice. But this is like placing a towel over an open window while it is raining and expect that to help the situation. We may even say to ourselves. Well, that is better than nothing. But, is it?

Did the towel keep my seat from getting wet? No. So it wasn’t better than nothing. If we don’t tell others the truth about Jesus’ saving grace we are guilty of having the knowledge but not using that knowledge to make a difference and that my friends is called sin.

And He(Jesus) said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15