Spiritual Storm Shelter

Grey sky

With storms being predicted in the near future there are many discussions about whether or not a storm shelter should be built. Most of the time we don’t think about it until a storm comes through our area and then we are absolutely thinking about it.

As I considered this, I began to see that most people fall into one of three

categories when it comes to storm preparedness..

  • Group One  Completely prepared for whatever. These are the people who have everything from a first aid kit to a Swiss army knife. (This is the group you want to be with when a catastrophe hits)
  • Group Two. These are the people who take the “wait and see” approach. They go to a safe place during a storm but do not have any other survival gear or plan in place. Sometimes this is the group who panics at the last minute. (sadly most people fall into this category)
  • Group Three: These are the people who do not prepare at all. They do not go to a safe place during a storm. They have not prepared in advance and expect someone else will take care of a problem if one does happen to arise. They aren’t worried and mostly complain about the inconvenience of it all. There are more casualty’s in this category than any other. Big Surprise there.

Whichever category you may find yourself in, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes pre-planning can be overwhelming and confusing. Being better prepared could start one task at a time.

The problem with storms is we never know exacting when they will arrive and where they will hit. So, on those very windy days when we are distracted by rumors of storms we can have peace of mind if we are willing to do a little work in advance.

Pre-planning is never more important than when the spiritual storms of life reek havoc upon us. This type of storm takes on a whole new meaning and many times last more than just a few minutes.

So, how can we be prepared for disasters that are not predicted by the National Weather Service?

  • Pray
  • Study
  • Serve

So the next time a storm rears it’s ugly head, we can say with confidence that God is in control.

While we were seeking through God’s Word and kneeling in prayer until late in the night we were essentially building our spiritual storm shelter.

Jesus is coming soon. And that is one storm you don’t want to be a part of. Are you ready? You can be. It is all about what you do before the storm.

“Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Matthew 24:44