Leap of Faith

SAM_2978Kayaking is a fun, family friendly sport. We took advantage of this fact before autumn arrived with it’s cooler temperatures.

Many times on these outdoor excursions we stop mid-way along the river to eat or swim. One of our favorite places is a twelve foot bluff that protrudes over the river. The water is calm and the swimming hole is deep. The outside edge of this natural pool rapidly flows down stream for approximately twenty feet before settling to another smooth section.

On a recent trip, after we have experienced several exhilarating plunges in the pool, a middle aged man arrives drifting on a plastic, doughnut shaped float. The float obviously has a leak because he is slumped in a semi-circle position, atop it, with his lips attached to the air stem. He exits the water and navigates the steep, slippery river bank. He continues to ascend until he arrives at a rock platform which indicates he has reached the bluff’s summit.

He grabs his circular flotation device and perfectly places his rear in the center portion.  A running start is mustered as he uses every ounce of energy to propel himself as far from the rock as possible.

His awkward launch produces little in the way of altitude. Once his feet leave the rocky ground, his body falls straight down on another rock slightly above the waters surface. He appropriately screams as his float explodes leaving his back side less than protected. He then is swiftly taken by the rapids, still in an upright position, while his bruising bum is bounced from rock to rock in a hurtful but rhythmic manner. He quite understandably yells keeping time, all the while, with his bouncing booty as it makes intermittent contact with the now shallow river bed.

A seven year old child has been watching with horrified fascination while our, still unknown, guest has given his best attempt at Redneck Olympic glory. The youngster, who is safely standing in knee deep water outside the rapidly moving section, sings as the man passes by. These are the words he imparts, “Nationwide is on your side.”

Some might say this gentleman had a run of bad luck. Others might say that he should have known better. But, I bet we all could agree we can’t always for-see what is going to happen when we step out on faith. Even the belief that jumping from a cliff is fairly safe with only a float to shield the buttocks is a measure in faith as far as I am concerned.

Where our faith is concerned we will not always be able to predict the outcome of our choices. The best we can do is position ourselves to receive guidance by studying the bible, praying, and serving God through the local church. Then we will have to leave the rest up to God trusting Him with our circumstances and any future teaching moments that come our way.

Trusting God with the unknown can be frightening at first. But the more we do trust Him, the more confident we become in His ability to handle whatever comes our way. Hopefully our leap of faith won’t include a float and a seven year old that could see catastrophe coming a mile away.

But, without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6 NKJV