Be Self Controlled

branchesoverriver1I have never been white water rafting. This is probably because my mother is afraid of water and my husband feels that it is dangerous. Looking at swift water we can see caution should absolutely be used. That is just it though; strong flowing water full of churning, foaming waves commands respect. We are more cautious and careful around water that appears dangerous.

But what about the calm water? The kind that is so glassy smooth that it reflects like a mirror. The kind that is so still it doesn’t cause alarm. We can drown in that water too.

When we are not guarded because we feel there is no danger that is when we are most vulnerable. This couldn’t be more true than when we speak in spiritual terms. We let our guard down. Maybe we rely on our experiences or emotions. A few careless choices later and we find ourselves far from God and His protective hand. It always starts harmless enough.

The drunk driver never intended to kill that sweet six year old with bouncy yellow pigtails. He was just unwinding at the bar throwing back a few cold ones with his buddies. But, now she is dead and prison is his home.

The mother of three never intended to have an affair. It started as harmless flirting. Surely no one would fault her for that. Her husband neglects her. But, now she has destroyed her family. Her husband has moved out. Her kids don’t understand what is happening. Why do Mommy and Daddy not love each other anymore?

God has set a standard for living. He set this standard to save us from unnecessary heartache. He is trying to rescue us from the repercussion of sin. We may be able to choose to sin. But we never get to choose the consequences of that sin. That is God’s job. In hind sight the penalty we must pay always last longer that the brief pleasure we received.

What lurks just beneath the surface, the darkness, has lied and told us God doesn’t care how we live. It tells us that the Bible is outdated and untrue. It tells us we have sinned so greatly that God has turned His back on us.

LIES, LIES, LIES……..God does care how we live. God gave us the Bible so we would know the truth amid all the lies. And God will watch daily to see if today will be the day we will turn back to Him so He can help us. He loves us that much.

To navigate the turbulence of this life we will need to be on guard even when our life seems to be going well. We must be vigilant to know what God’s Word, the Bible, says and eager to obey it. Because our enemy Satan lures us with what seems very innocent.

Besides true peace and serenity is not in the water but in the one who created the water, our Father God. But he expects us to live by His standard and have self control.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8.