True Love

True Love

When we think of love, most of us think of emotional love. You know, that feeling we have for our newborn child, a companion or friend. Let’s face it, we love that soaring feeling of elation we get when we first fall in love.

But, all of us, even on our best day, are sinful creatures. Even though it may not be our intention, we will let others down at some point and time. And when that happens what we do next tells the true story of whether we will continue in a commitment of love or retaliate because we were hurt.

We show our true discipleship and devotion to God through our love for others. God’s Word says we should love even those who hate us. That’s a tall order isn’t it? Only the Holy Spirit of God can give us the strength to return love when we have received hate.

When we are accused of being stupid, and narrow-minded because of our beliefs we must show love. When we are generalized into a category of self-righteous bigots we must show love. When we are called intolerant and unloving we must show love. Whatever action we take must start with love.

Love patiently waits for God to work while we speak kind words and show loving actions. Lasting love does not show pride when provoked. The kind of love we should carry every day never thinks evil of another nor desires revenge. God’s love will never rejoice in another’s suffering.

We have an obligation to God because He loved us when we were unlovable. He loved us before we even knew Him. And for this reason we should love others. It can be scary and uncomfortable. But it is commanded by God that we should love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.(And I am not only talking about the ones who share our values) It is a wise man who treats others like he wants to be treated.

We must remain true to the love of God and the truth of His Word. Because that is the only type of love that will deliver mankind from the depths of hell.

We must understand that those who stand opposed to God and His Church are blinded to the Truth. We must have compassion for those who are self-destructing, broken, and wandering in darkness. Thank you Jesus that we are not. And because we are not, we have a great opportunity to show Christ love, the one true love. Church, love is a choice. Let’s choose it for the glory of God!

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35 NKJV