Chew’n the Cud


I don’t know how ya’ll feel about cows. But, it seems to me they are always chew’n. My bovine literate husband has explained why to me on more than one occasion. Obviously I was listening because I, for the life of me, can’t remember why. But, this got me to thinking, a scary thought I know.  They are always chew’n the cud as it is called. I wonder how many of us today are still chewing the cud we should have spit out a long time ago. Mulling over things that were hurtful can only bring bitterness.  I understand it takes a while; but if we are still hashing over things that took place 10 years ago, we are in serious trouble.  This is how bitterness takes root in our lives and it hurts us the most. Take time today to ask God to help you forgive the person who hurt you, then let it go and stop chew’n on the cud. Your breath will be fresher, your life will seem sweeter, and you will free yourself to move on to something better.