Do you long for more peace and rest in your life? Are health challenges, family struggles and worry about the chaos in the world weighing you down?
Perhaps it’s time to Rediscover the Apron of protection offered by your loving Heavenly Father. No matter what circumstances you face, you are invited to His lavish table. He will satisfy your spiritual starvation as He nourishes you in an intimate relationship with Him.He will cultivate freedom, trust and compassion in you. His love will heal you through forgiveness and repentance.
Join Tammy Lovell Stone, who left her debilitating anxiety in God’s loving arms and found His powerful transformative touch. Tie His Apron strings around your heart, and find the peace and satisfaction your soul longs for.
Paperback $9.95

Customer Reviews

Great read based in the truth of scripture that can help you see the promise and power of the cross.
So well written and flows so beautifully, that after purchasing this book just two days ago, I have almost finished it. Certainly no disappointments with this read….Such an inspiring book. Can’t imagine not coming away without trying to be a better person. Normally I read a book, file it away, then in a few years may give it a 2nd read…..Rediscover the Apron, may need to occupy my coffee table for some time. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring book, I am enjoying it greatly.